Non-Destructive Testing

Radiography (X-Ray and Gamma Ray)
Ultrasonic Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing (Wet/Dry, Visible/Florescent)
Liquid Penetrant Testing (Visible/Florescent)
Visual Inspection
Alloy Verification
Positive Material Identification ( PMI)

Additional Non-Destructive Testing

Hardness Testing
Torque Verification
Thickness Testing
Vacuum Box Leak Testing
Dimensional Measurement
3rd Party Witness and Verification

Mechanical Testing

CTS houses a full service mechanical testing lab to provide customers with important mechanical properties and characteristics of their materials.

Welding Procedure / Qualification Department

CTS has an internal department constantly working with a variety of welding codes to help customers maximize their weld quality program.

Welding Training

CTS is partnered with Calumet Welding Center (CWC), a local welding school. This gives customers an unprecedented advantage of working alongside professional trainers and industry experts.

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